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First Time Gift Ideas For New Girlfriends

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First Time Gift Ideas For New Girlfriends

Best Gifts for New Girlfriend for First Time

Whether you recently fell in love for the very first time or have just started dating a new girl after your break-up or for any other reason, this is your first time with this new girl, you must be very confused what to gift her for the very first time! For most of the men, the question of what is the best and most appropriate gift for the new relationship i.e. for the new girlfriend or the first girlfriend, can be somewhat of a difficult question. Not all men love giving away gifts but it only becomes worse when you are buying a gift for someone you like but don’t know too well. You don’t want your first gift to your girlfriend be very cheap, very casual but at the same time, for a new girlfriend, you don’t even want to gift some really serious stuff like expensive jewelry or dress.

Every man gets to face these questions at least once but you need not panic or do something silly to find her the perfect first time gift for your new girlfriend, here are some of the most popular and meaning first time gift ideas for her for new relationships that will not make you look cheap or too fancy. The key to finding the perfect gift for a new girlfriend is to find something with significance to her specially or to your relationship. Something that would express your growing attractions towards her, your care and your feelings for her. So, here goes the list of top 5 gifts for a new girlfriend:

1. Flowers and Chocolates: This one is probably the oldest and the classic one but it is also the most reliable and romantic gift for any girl. Keep in mind that it is a new relationship and you need not buy something really fancy or expensive but something that expresses your feelings and love for her. All girls love chocolates and flowers and you can gift her a nice bouquet of flowers specially red roses and I am sure she would definitely love it, you would be able to see that in her sparkling eyes. Do you know any girl who does not like chocolates, so wrapping a chocolate box alongwith the bouquet or the flowers would make for the best first time gift to your girlfriend. It is simply beautiful, sweet and romantic.

2. Your Significant Moments Gift: Well, this one is not a specific gift item and it should be such that it depicts significant moments in the relationship. Like you can gift her a DVD of the movie that you first watched with each other or the copy of the book you told her about in your first conversation or coffee grounds from the coffee shop where you first met. This one really needs you to put on your thinking cap and be creative enough to show your feelings to her through recreating the moment when you first met or first time you felt something special for each other. You can also gift her a compiled music CD of her favorite songs that would also make for a really sweet and romantic gift.

3. Photo Collage: A creatively created photo collage can be a really sweet and romantic gift that would surely take your new relationship to the next level. Try to arrange some lovely photos of her through facebook or any other way and then put your creativity into it to create a beautiful photo collage and wrap it in some lovely wrappers. And when you would give her this gift, she would really understand how much she means to you. You can also try writing some really cute and romantic captions under each photo if you can anticipate whether or not she will appreciate that.

4. Picnic or a Day out: To make the things more comfortable in your new relationship, it is very important to spend some quality time together and what can be a better idea than to offer her a day out in her favorite place around your city or to her favorite adventure park or for a dinner and the like. Make sure whatever you offer in this gift to her, she already has a liking for it. Try to make her feel special through out the day by taking care of all her likes and dislikes and use this opportunity to get to know more about her. She will definitely appreciate this effort from you and hopefully things will get more beautiful and romantic in your new relationship.

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There can be hundreds of more such gift that are suited for the first time gifts to the girlfriends but that would mostly depend upon the interests and choices of your new girlfriend. For example, if she is fond of movies or reading love stories, you can ask her for movie or gift her that book from his favorite writer. You can also ask her on Candle Light Dinner and this would really be a good opportunity to break the ice and get to know each other better and alongside spent a quality romantic evening with each other. There are also many gift items present in the markets that are perfectly suited for such events like you can gift her something like crystal gift items with romantic messages on it and something creative to make her feel that you always think of her and many more. So, all the best for your first gift to your new girlfriend or the first girlfriend.

If you have any creative idea then please mention in the comments below and help others get out of this situation better. You can also share how your experience was about when you gave a gift to your new girlfriend for the first time.

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